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Coffee & Beverage Service

"We are committed to providing our customers with a variety of quality break room solutions and amenity services perfect for the corporate workplace environment." - Gary Whatley, VP of Coffee & Beverage

Total Corporate Solutions' Coffee and Beverage Division provides customers with a vast selection of quality coffee, teas, and top-of-the-line water systems. We maintain a commitment to on-time delivery and exceptional customer service. We stock your workplace with solutions and services that are conducive to a productive and thriving office.

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Our Approach


At Total Corporate Solutions we have you covered. Our service also offers snacks and drinks for your break room needs, items like chips, cookies, breakfast and energy bars, juices and energy drinks.


Gourmet or traditional we have the perfect coffees and teas to match your needs. We take the time to sit down with you and find that perfect profile that will meet your taste and expectations.


Your time is valuable. We will ensure you always have exactly what you need when you need it, it's all part of our top of the line service. It's what you can expect. It's what you deserve.

Coffee & Beverage Services

Water Filtration Systems

BEVERAGE_service-img_water-filtration At Total Corporate Solutions we have you covered. With the bottle water industry and bottle water delivery becoming so expensive and environmentally unsound it makes sense to install a bottle-less water system in your office or business today. By installing a bottle-less filtration system you will be helping to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by the bottle water industry, you will no longer have the problem of running out of water and waiting for a delivery when you need it most, no more lifting of those heavy water bottles or finding someone in the office to change the bottle not mention the room the bottles take up in your workplace. But most of all you won't have those bills that make budgeting so difficult, with a water filtration unit from total Corporate Solutions you have consistent billing month after month regardless of how much you drink, you have security because you don't have that delivery person walking through your business disrupting your workflow and don't have to wonder if the water you are drinking has been compromised because your delivery person didn't wipe down the bottle before placing it on your cooler. All of our units are sealed to keep your water fresh and safe, we change out the filters every six months to ensure the quality and taste of your water glass after glass.

We offer a wide range of water systems and use only the top manufactures in the industry such as Innowave, MTN and Vertex. We offer units with UV light, Bio-Cote or the new SIP system both are designed to kill any bacteria in the water so you can trust what you are drinking to be the best in quality and taste.

We offer Reverse Osmosis which removes up to 98% of all contaminants and dissolved solids from your water or a straight filtration system that will removes sediment, chlorine and odor. No matter which system you choose you can feel comfortable knowing you have made the best decision for your company and employees.

Take the Challenge. Compare your bottled water to our water filter system. 7 day free trial offer.

Gourmet Coffee & Teas

BEVERAGE_service-img_gourmet-coffee Total Corporate Solutions Office Coffee Service offers a complete line of gourmet coffees and teas that are sure to satisfy your taste and expectations. We carry a full line of specialty coffees which include such favorites as Peet's, Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea, Seattle's Best and a local roaster Gavina. These coffees are sure to be an over whelming hit in any office break room. But we don't stop there we also offer a complete line of traditional coffees from Folgers and Yuban for those who enjoy that traditional cup of coffee.

Gourmet or traditional we have the perfect coffee profile to match your needs, we take the time to sit down with you and talk coffee in order to find that perfect profile that will meet your taste and expectations. Our goal is to provide your company and its employees with that perfect cup of coffee cup after cup.


BEVERAGE_service-img_teas We offer a complete line of Teas both gourmet and traditional, favorites such as Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings and Yamamoto as well as the traditional favorite by Lipton. We carry a wide range of flavors sure to satisfy the teas drinkers in any office.

Single Serve Coffees

BEVERAGE_service-img_single-serve-coffee Total Corporate Solutions offers both K-Cups and Pods; we carry a full line of both from such roasters as Green Mountain, Coffee People, Wolfgang Puck, Reunion Island and Café Classics. We have offer over 100 varieties, roasts and flavors in these popular single serve coffees, Teas and Hot Chocolates. K-cups or Pods bring the coffee house experience to your office break room today with these popular coffees.

Coffee Brewing Systems

BEVERAGE_service-img_coffee-brewing-system Our office coffee service can supply your company with the perfect brewing system that will match your needs, Traditional pot brewers, Thermal brewing systems or Single Serve brewing systems Total Corporate Solutions has the perfect fit for your break room needs. Let us come out to your location & demo one of these brewing systems today absolutely free. Our goal is to provide you with the best brewing system & coffee to fit your needs and your budget. We offer Top brands such as Newco and Bunn, single serve POD brewing systems by Bunn, Sun Cana, & Keurig. Traditional or Single serve we have your needs covered & our friendly sales reps will always go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Break Room Supplies

BEVERAGE_service-img_break-room-supplies As a compliment to your coffee service we also offer a complete line of break room supplies from creamers & sweeteners to paper products, cups & plastic cutlery. We will keep your break room stocked so you do not have to take time away from your business to shop for supplies. Your time is valuable we get it, why send an employee to the store for supplies on your payroll when you can have a trusted service provide these needs for you. We will keep your supplies stocked without over stocking; we will introduce new products to you so that you always have exactly what you need when you need it, it's all part of the service you get from our Office Coffee Service, it's what you can expect it's what you deserve.

Snacks & Drinks

BEVERAGE_service-img_snacks Our service also offers snacks and drinks for your break room needs, items like chips, cookies, breakfast and energy bars, juices and energy drinks such as 5 hour energy and Red Bull for those that need that little extra push to get them through the day. These items are great addition to any break room and office and nice to have on hand for guests and clients visiting your business.








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