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The value of our Marketing team is our dedication to creating successful brands. We activate your brand by strengthening it at its core to maximize its full potential.

Total Corporate Solutions provides a Marketing team that takes pride in producing creative solutions to meet your marketing, advertising, public relations, design and website development needs. More than coming up with great ideas, we strive to successfully implement relevant strategies to help turn your business into a brand.

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Our Approach


We are full of unlimited ideas that will build and enhance your brand. We take care to develop marketing activities that speak into the uniqueness of your products and services. We always start with what sets you apart.


Our creation capabilities span virtually all mediums. We have the talent and gear to give your brand legs with catchy videos and fashion forward photo shoots. Our Marketing team will take your brand to the next level and give you the competitive edge.


The carry through from concept to creation is key to the success of any brand. We create marketing activities that perform and give you the growth and ROI you expect. We mold and manage your brand - success is the only option.

Marketing Services

Public Relations

MARKETING_service-img_public-relations Advertising is great; however consumers are often skeptical of ads knowing a company will only present themselves in a good light. Public Relations will put your product and message into the hands of influencers in the media, whom consumers trust for their honest assessments. We have developed relationships with journalists, bloggers and reviewers that we can reach out to on your company's behalf. We also write and distribute newsworthy press releases that will generate the buzz you need to get publicity that puts your business name in lights.

Social Media

MARKETING_service-img_social-media A social media program effectively amplifies and compliments every function within an organization by tapping into organically developed human networks and allowing you to speak to your customers where they are. Reach, attention, and influence cannot be bought in social media. It must be earned and maintained much like friendships in the real world. We are experts at developing your online community, creating A+ content, and interacting with your audience to harness the power of social media for your benefit.

Web Design & Development

MARKETING_service-img_web-design With millions of websites out there, it's hard enough to get someone to land on your page, however getting them there is just the first battle. A well done website invites the user in to learn more with intuitive navigation, compelling graphics, and sensible text. Anything below that standard will be ignored, and the money, time and energy to get them there in the first place will have been wasted. We create stimulating websites that use the latest design standards to ensure your site looks great on a desktop or mobile device, are easy to explore, and will boost your company's sales.

Search Engine Optimization

MARKETING_service-img_seo Search your company or flagship product on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Are you on the 1st page? If not, that's a problem and you're missing business opportunities. We generate winning keywords and advise best practices to optimize your search engine ranking to the top, giving your business the needed exposure for success. The majority of internet users never go past the first page of search results and our proven SEO strategies help get you there and KEEP you there.

Promotional Items

MARKETING_service-img_promotional Promotional goods are like constant reminders to existing and potential customers about your business, and corporate apparel offers your employees the opportunity to be easily identified by your customers. Search through our vast catalog of promotional items and see for yourself how powerful these goods are. We have a team dedicated to servicing all your promotional needs that look forward to working with you to make certain you're well taken care of. View inspirational examples of our work on our Pinterest Page!

Product Photography

MARKETING_service-img_product-photo Image is king. The photography used to market your business is the first thing customers see, and immediately judge you on. We create product photography that professionally represents your brand - carefully maintaining the image that you wish to uphold. An in-house team does full service photo editing for use in print or online, and have rapid turn-around times. We also are experts in all the best practice standards and requirements for ecommerce sites like your own website and Amazon. Present your products professionally at all times with product photography.

Lifestyle Photography

MARKETING_service-img_lifestyle-photo Putting your product in real world situations, and connecting it to your brands target demographic are two of the main benefits of lifestyle photography. Our photographers, who have specialized in the fashion industry, have shot lifestyle for clients such as Caulfied Preparatory, Sinclair MFGRP, Becker Surfboards, Poetic, LLCases, and more. We scout the perfection location to shoot and hire professional talent to model so that your product comes alive to your customers.

Video Creation

MARKETING_service-img_video In today's digital age, people have a shrinking attention span for traditional advertising, and a commercial explaining what your company is all about is attainable to everyone. However, a high-quality, well-produced video can amplify your brand's message just as fast as a poorly done video can kill it. We conceptualize and produce video that is polished and raises the bar of your brand identity. Great video can be the most valuable salesman in your entire organization.

Graphic Design

MARKETING_service-img_graphic-design Our creative team of artists have years of experience creating original and compelling graphic designs that enable our clients to make the best impression possible. We can design anything you need for your business, including print, web, packaging design, and much more. We are dedicated to ensuring that your company is presented professionally at all times.

Copy Writing

MARKETING_service-img_copy-writing Don't settle for mediocre copy writing. The text on your website, marketing materials and product packaging is the voice of your company, and it needs to match the tone set out for you brand. Our in-house team carefully manicures copy for your company to ensure that your message is clearly and professionally presented to your customers. We can write for any medium, and are pros at naming products and writing product descriptions, bullet points, keywords, and calling out product features.

A+ Content

MARKETING_service-img_a-content Increase your conversion rate on Amazon ASIN listings by as much as 40% with A+ Content, by TCS! Our team offers a value added service to our clients who list their products online with A+ content product descriptions on We give you the consistency and brand integrity you desire by creating custom product descriptions using HTML and other acceptable programming languages. Carry your brand message over to online storefronts like Amazon and eBay.


MARKETING_service-img_print Sourcing multiple printers is a hassle and a waste of your time. We understand that printing is a vital part of every business, so we are your one-stop-shop that can take care of all your printing needs. If you require copying services including brochures, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, or if you need embroidery or promotional items there is no need to look any further than our Marketing department. Along with your print needs, we also do product packaging design, die-line creation, POP (point of purchase) design, and consumer product layouts.

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Promotional Products

Promotional Expertise

Let our promotional experts help you grow your brand recognition with creative promotional solutions. At TCS, our goal is to expand your brand by delivering promotional products & creative solutions by:

- providing the highest caliber of quality & service
- extending our purchasing power to our clients
- offering over a million products at the best prices
- working with our clients from concept-to-creation

Promo Services

Our Services Include:

- Corporate Identity Promotional Items
- Trade shows
- Product and Service Introductions
- Point of Sale
- Sales Channel Marketing Programs
- Loyalty Programs
- Employee Recognition Awards & Incentives

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