Print Costs Assessments

Do you understand the total cost of printing in your organization or have the experience and knowledge to control your print spending? Through managed print services, our customers gain visibility and control of their spending. Our cost assessment also provides an easier, proven way for businesses to manage and control costs, comply with industry regulations and mandates, and turn their focus to more strategic business needs. Just ask about our Printing Costs Assessment.

Did you know 90% of companies don’t know what they spend on office printing? With a FREE Print Assessment from Total Corporate Solutions, you get a clear snapshot into your current business model by identifying and measuring equipment usage patterns with associated costs. Together, we will co-author a solution that improves your efficiency, while drastically reducing costs.

Are You Wasting Money in Your Print Operations?

Our assessment can identify areas of your print operations where you can reduce costs, become more efficient and decrease your environmental impact. This non-intrusive report sheds light on previously hidden costs by providing answers to key performance questions like:

  • What is your cost per page, and what should it be?
  • How much are you spending on paper, ink, and toner cartridges, and how productive are they?
  • Do you have the information to Manage Print volumes and reduce your cost to print?
  • Are you shortening the life of your printer by overusing print assets or not directing your print jobs resourcefully?

Companies large and small can benefit from a more contemporary print strategy. Regardless of size, vertical, or business scope, there is an undeniable need for companies to review their current print strategy and understand the benefits of making the shift from an unmanaged print environment to a managed print environment.

For a simple estimate of your potential savings, try our PRINT SAVINGS ESTIMATOR below:

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