Water Filtration Systems

When it comes to your hydration needs, Total Corporate Solutions can help. We provide the best available units on the market today from companies, including Wellsys water filtration systems that have made a name for themselves in the water filtration industry. Each water cooler is equipped with LG technology and optional multi-stage purification. Their innovative technology not only eliminates contaminants through state-of-the-art reverse osmosis or ultra-fine filtration, but also adds minerals and nutrients to enhance the water. The result is a cleaner, healthier, great-tasting water.

By partnering with fine companies like Wellsys USA with its 9 stage R.O. system, Water Logic and Vertex, we can provide the right system to fit any size company or budget. Their proprietary purification process sanitizes the water, adds alkalinity and provides a nutrient boost to help maintain proper hydration.

When you make the decision to choose water filtration over bottle water, you can take comfort in knowing you have selected an option that will have an impact not on only your bottom line but the environment as well by reducing the carbon footprint left behind by the bottle water industry.

When it comes filters for your Water System, we offer Reverse Osmosis Systems designed to remove over 98% of all contaminants, bacteria and chemicals or standard carbon filters used to remove sediment and chlorine. We will guide you to the solution that will work best for your company and employees. Learn more about the product innovative design and purification process technology in the brochure section.

Take advantage of our free and complimentary 7-day trial offer of our water filtration systems. Call us at 888.826.9170 or contact us for to be connected with our expert today.

Wellsys Wellness Water Systems helping you be healthier

LG Compressor | Innovative Design & Technology | Enhanced Alkalinity | Stainless Steel Tanks & Reservoirs

Wellys Water Cooler WS 5000
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Wellys Water Cooler WS 7000
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Wellys Water Cooler WS 9000
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Wellys Water Cooler WS 11000
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Wellys Water Cooler CT 1000
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Wellys Water Cooler WS 9000 CT
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Here are some advantages when selecting a Water Filtration System with Total Corporate Solutions over bottle water:

  • No more lifting heavy jugs of water causing workplace injuries and productivity downtime.
  • No more storing those full and empty bottles that take up valuable room in your office, break rooms or warehouse.
  • Eliminate breeding ground for bacteria. With a Water Filtration System provided by Total Corporate Solutions the water storage tank is sealed and free from Airborne Bacteria.
  • Staying within budget. With Water Filtration System, your monthly expense remains the same month in and month out all year long regardless of the increase in employees or usage.
  • Security. With a water Filtration System your business is secure, you will not have some unwanted delivery person you don’t know wondering throughout your office, disrupting your work flow visiting with your employees when they should be productive.

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