Barbican Walls

Offered exclusively through TCS, the Barbican Walls solution provides a complete wall system composed of demountable glass and wooden walls, partition walls, fitted walls and integrated cabinets. The result is a one-stop floor plan that creates highly functional and diverse environments. TCS also provides award-winning solutions for the partitioning of offices, common areas and meeting spaces coupled with a first-in-class, wall-based filing system—at a fraction of traditional construction costs.

Flexibility and Style

These architectural walls provide a cleaner aesthetic appearance, are manufactured to fit, and provide precise detailing. With a variety of finish options available, our team can help you design the perfect space to complement your business style for less time (and cost) than conventional methods. See which one is right for you!

Environmental Responsibility

The Barbican Walls product line incorporates only the most recyclable, durable and environmentally friendly materials in its wall family of products. Our aluminum framing components are made from a mix of virgin aluminum and up to 75% recyclable content aluminum. Fascia material such as glass, fabric, wood and melamine contain up to 100% of both post-industrial and post-consumer recycled content, while field-removable fascia dramatically extend the life cycle of the product.


Single-layer glass wall

Dwel is a full-height single layer demountable glass wall, with a structure in extruded aluminum, totally provided by project. Glasses are joined with profiles in transparent polycarbonate. Doors can be sliding or swing, in glass or wood, always full height. The system can be free standing too.


Partition Wall

Tecna is an internal framed partition wall, with insulation and cladding. Unique in richness of forms and configurations, it is now enhanced with new wood finishings in endless customizations. Its feature is the modularity, with single or double glass panels and aluminum frames, wood panels, metal structures, fine design for every element and accessory.


Partition Wall for Open Spaces

By exploiting the characteristics of the Tecna partition wall (modularity, canalization, self-supporting), Tecna Open becomes the ideal product for the division of work areas with doors too, where it is not possible or not desired to have a floor to ceiling partition wall.


Partition Wall with High Performance

Tecna Steel stands above its partition class with high performance in terms of acoustics and fire resistance thanks to the coating of the blind mirrors (made with shell shaped panels made of pre-painted steel sheets, 0,80 mm thick, coupled internally with covered plasterboard sheet, 12,5 mm thick). The reaction to fire of the coating and the structure are in A1 Euro-Class. Furthermore, in the space between the panels there is a sound-insulating mineral wool, 50 mm thick and of density 50 kg / cbm, which allows to ensure a sound insulation equal to Rw 49dB.


Fitted Wall

Vault is a storage and filing system designed to accompany and enhance the Dwel or Tecna family. Archiving AND division of space: Vault meets both needs. A complete system of cabinets with wood frames and metal shelves: modular and adaptable to different heights with customized modules.

Advantages to the Barbican Walls System:

  • Architectural walls provide a flexible, reconfigurable and environmental responsible space division as an alternative to conventional drywall construction.
  • Barbican Walls System products are BIFMA tested and certified, meeting all required CSA, UL and seismic standards.
  • LEED-friendly manufacturing and products including recyclable, sustainable materials that reduce inventory waste and support change and reuse.
  • Barbican Walls System provides industry leading acoustics and achieving sound attenuation up to 42STC for glass walls and up to 50STC on solid walls. (Standard drywall absorption typically achieves a 35STC rating).
  • Barbican Walls System offers the largest selection of options and finishes compared to other wall systems in the market today.

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