Safes & Cash Handling

Custom safe solutions can be made to fit specific needs or profiles, cash drops, fit your tills, armored car pickups. Multiple locks can be used, multi user, user levels, biometric, can be networked and controlled remotely, download audit logs to confirm who opened the safe and when, keys can be used for cost effectiveness. Locks can even be programmed to have a panic function, if location is being robbed, a unique code can be used to trigger burglar alarm. SMART SAFES, smart safes have a built-in computer, have bulk cash and coin capabilities, bulk bill acceptors with bill validation. These safes will produce receipts for deposits, provide reports, and communicate to your armored car pickup company to alert that safe is reaching capacity on bills. Account can be setup with banks to accept deposits through the safe and have money deposited into your companies’ account once the money is in the safe.

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