Data & Voice Cabling

One of the least discussed, yet most important, areas of business lies in the hidden infrastructure that runs your data and voice network. In some ways, it is as important as electrical wiring, yet more complex and sophisticated. Now more than ever businesses are relying heavily on their internal network to support data-intense applications and devices, increased web traffic and VOIP phone systems. Speed is essential in maintaining a competitive edge and many offices are not structurally equipped to manage their data needs.

Why TCS?

From new locations to existing businesses, our analysts can assess the needs of your business and weigh them against the unique variables that hinder performance to determine the best solution for your location. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a seamless installation that is performed on-time and exceeds expectations.

  • Our expert installers accurately assess cable needs for every job to ensure you never pay for wasted cable.
  • All cable is properly labeled at each end point and drop location.
  • Rather than leaving cables exposed in the office or work environment floor, our installations offer a seamless, secure and accessible layout.
  • After installation and termination, every cable is tested for conformance to industry standards.
Which System is Right For You?

To establish your network a variety of different types of cable over which it operates. It is possible not only for your network to operate at different speeds, but there are different varieties of cable that can be used within the same speed category. In order to ensure that your network operates correctly, the types of cable, their electrical conditions and the maximum lengths over which they may operate will be specified.

Our analysts are well versed in the application and limitations of many different network mediums including:

  • Cat5 (and 5e)
  • Cat6
  • eoC
  • T-1
  • DSL
  • ADSL
  • Fixed Wireless Access
  • Fiber Optic

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