Disinfecting Office Equipment

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Disinfecting Office Equipment

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Clients of our office copier and printer service often ask for guidelines for disinfecting office equipment, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Proper disinfection is essential to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases while keeping your employees and customers safe. Yet it’s also important to preserve the integrity of the equipment and prevent damage so you can keep doing business while limiting the spread of germs.

Here are some best practices for disinfecting office equipment to help your staff stay safe and productive.

Disinfect Equipment Frequently

Since many different hands touch the printers and copiers in your workplace, these machines and their surrounding areas need to be sanitized continuously. Spray a microfiber cloth with an EPA certified disinfectant and wipe the equipment down thoroughly several times throughout the day. Pay special attention to high-touch areas and surfaces, such as the touchscreen, buttons and paper trays. Avoid using products that contain bleach and do not spray anything directly onto the equipment or its internal units. Your goal is to clean surfaces without letting disinfectant seep into the interior of the machines. There are non-corrosive sprays that will preserve equipment surfaces while killing germs that cause infectious diseases.

Have Supplies Within Reach

Provide sanitation stations next to your copier and printers to promote disinfection by your staff. Have hand sanitizer on hand as well as disinfectant spray, cloths and wipes. Put up signs asking employees to wash their hands or use sanitizer and to wipe the machines down carefully before and after every use.

Promote Social Distancing

If the printers and copiers in your office are in high demand, post signage asking employees to practice social distancing. Make it easy for them by providing tools like markers on the floor that convey where to stand so that they are six feet away from each other while waiting to use the machine. Depending on your office policy, you may also want to post signage asking them to wear a mask and/or gloves in common areas where the equipment is located. At TCS, we offer signage to promote safety, social distancing and direct staff throughout your workplace.

These practices can help protect you and your employees from spreading the coronavirus and other illnesses. Visit this link for more information about our office copier and printer service as well as signage to direct staff. As a SHARP retailer, we offer the power of PaperCut, MaxxVault and LMI.