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7 Keys To A Healthy Retirement

For many people, the thought of retirement is a very exciting prospect.  Media channels tout the importance of planning for the future, and even encourage options for early retirement based on these investments.  As an overall picture that...
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Best Security Systems For Computers

Best Security Systems For Your Computer

Regardless of whether you have a PC or Mac, attention to the security of your device is still a major concern. With the prevalence of hacking, phishing, and even spoofing in the online community, it is very important to ensure that the device is...
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Top 6 Businesses That Need Security Systems

Although many business owners may go through their careers with minimal security provisions, not all businesses really have this luxury.  While it is certainly a sense of comfort to feel as though the shop neighborhood and community is safe...
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Things to Consider When Choosing a Skilled Nursing Facility

The decision for an elderly loved one to be transitioned to a skilled nursing facility can be a difficult one. For the individual who is making the transition, this marks a monumental choice that can also impact quality of life and general...
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Is Your Senior Living Center Safe and Secure?

The choice to transition to a senior living center should also be supported with good guidance on what to look for in an appropriate facility. Many times, the focus is on the accommodations, costs, and care provisions, as these do become highly...
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Cost Effective Furniture for Senior Retirement Homes

With the concerns of the ageing population becoming one of the national health issues, there is also a growing demand for better services and care in the industry.  Senior retirement homes are one type of facility that has seen an expansion in...
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Surveillance Video Systems for Retirement Communities

As the elder population of the nation grows, so do the care needs for this demographic.  The rise of retirement communities has been ongoing for several decades, and this has also included an expansion of the expectations from such...
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Utilizing Images and Picture Frames in a Cubicle Enhances a Sense of Balance Between Work and Life

Personalize Your Work Space with Office Cubicle Décor

The modern workspace is very much defined by the cubicle, and becomes the place where people spend nearly a third of every week of their adult life. In this context, the surroundings of the area become relatively important, as this environment...
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Customer Service Surveys Help Assess the Strengths and Weaknesses of a Business

How to Use a Customer Service Survey to Boost Your Business

Although some industries may work more closely with consumers than others, businesses do rely upon their customers, professional or otherwise, to expand and to grow. In this manner, the satisfaction that clients have with services and products...
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A Comforting Nursing Home Environment with Inviting Décor is Important in Making Residents Feel at Home

Top 7 Hallmarks of Excellent Nursing Homes

The decision to choose a certain nursing home either for self or for a loved one can feel like an overwhelming task.  One way to approach the situation is to view it as any other time that a household is moved.  In looking at new communities...
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Internet Based Phone or VOIP Technology Improve Networking Functions and Facilitate Workflow Streams

Choosing an Internet Phone or VOIP

In any company situation, regardless of whether it is a small business or a larger corporation, there is always a focus on achieving the greatest functionality with the least amount of investment.  Most owners are aware of the fact that smaller...
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Sharp vs Canon Copiers

In the world of high efficiency and high quality office equipment, Sharp and Canon are both leaders in the field. This is not only due to the innovations in technology that have gone into producing durable and also versatile copier systems, but...
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Office Cameras Increase Employee Productivity and Software Functionality in the Office

Video Surveillance and Security Cameras

The importance of video surveillance in the corporate world can sometimes be overlooked, especially when companies are just getting started, or are in the process of transitioning to a larger operation. While rights to privacy can be a much...
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Consolidating Vendors to Save Money in Business

Although companies are ultimately supplying goods or services to their own clients, businesses can also be consumers. This comes into the equation when all of the investments for equipment, supplies, and technology are considered. However, the...
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Health Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs

As the national focus for health initiatives includes preventive measures, an exploration into factors which can adversely affect health but can also be avoided is becoming more defined. To this end, lifestyle choices are most cited as aspects...
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Security for a Small Office

Many small businesses start out as a single owner who may employ one or two staff member to manage the growth of the company. However, as a business expands, the demands for human and technological resources increase as well. As a result,...
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A History of the Sharp Corporation

The Sharp Corporation is widely regarded as a leader in innovative technology for business and personal applications. Although this company has an ever expanding line of integrative copiers, printers, and faxes, it also utilizes networking and...
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Increasing Employee Productivity in the Office

For any company, increasing productivity can become an ideal way to increase profits. In the office, the reduction of waste, in both material resources and time can lead to better practices for the corporation. This practice can also increase...
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The Right Furniture Supplier Should Offer Ergonomic Ranges

What to Know When Contacting a Furniture Supplier

For business owners, establishing an effective workspace is not only integral to productivity, but it is also important to consider how these choices can impact employees and the culture of the office.  While it is important for companies to...
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There are Several Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Office Supplier for Business Needs

Finding the Right Office Supplier

Regardless of whether a company is just beginning to set up an office space for a new business, or whether owners are considering changes that can lead to more cost effective and efficient function, having the right office supplier can vastly...
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Employees Gather at the Water Cooler

Qualities of the Best Office Water Suppliers

In many ways, the office environment can be seen as its own ecosystem. Employees can spend well over a third of their day in this space, and including many of the comforts of home in the work area can greatly increase employee morale and...
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Call TCS for Sharp Copiers

Best Business Copiers By Sharp

Total Corporate Solutions is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Connect with Us! As a major electronics manufacturer, Sharp is still able to find innovative ways of meeting business demands with copiers that are designed to be high...
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Supplier Evaluation Cycle

Why Evaluate Supplier Performance?

Although clients can play a large part in the success of a business, professional relationships and B2B relationships can also influence growth and prosperity. However, some owners or companies can have a different approach to these business...
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Cheerful businesswoman sitting at the table and holding money

Saving Money in Business on Copiers, Voice and Data Solutions

Although there are a number of investments that serve as start-up costs for a new business, the anticipation is that this financial basis, hard work, and wise choices will lead to increased prosperity and growth that can return the investment...
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Get Your Marketing Plans Together!

B2B Marketing Strategies in 2015

Although business practices and customer responses can often generate a collaborative trend that influences marketing trends, this same type of dialogue also exists in B2B marketing. However, in generating professional leads, individuals also...
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Portrait of several business associates sitting on chairs by office door

The Importance of Ergonomic Office Furniture

For many professionals, the average day in the office involves much sitting and working at a desk. Functional movements may be limited to actions that include standing, hunching, or reaching, although these may be impinged upon by a poor layout...
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The Utility of Sharp Copiers and Printers

Total Corporate Solutions is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Connect with Us! Although workplace productivity is greatly influenced by the actions of employees, workers are also only able to work as effectively as the tools that they...
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Mindful Living Health Expo and AltaMed 5K

Mindful Living Health Expo and AltaMed 5K Total Corporate Solutions was founded with the idea of helping businesses improve their workflow through the consolidation of key services. However, as an active member of the Los Angeles community, we...
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Best Ways to Eliminate Stress at Work

Total Corporate Solutions is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Connect with Us! Stress at work seems to have become a way of life for many professionals. Even the most ideal of career paths will involve some form of negative emotional...
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Top 10 Reasons to Embrace Vendor Consolidation

Consolidation of Vendors and Service Providers Over time it is not uncommon for organizations to find themselves with a large number of service providers supporting their operations. Some of these providers are no doubt strategic to your...
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How SEO and Google Rankings Affect Your Website Traffic

In order to stay competitive in ANY industry, generating website traffic MUST be a primary concern. It’s not enough to just have a website and fill it with pretty pictures. You can spend thousands developing a site that loads quickly, responds...
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Google Has Developed a Mobile-Friendly Website Test. Does Failure Hurt Your SEO?

Total Corporate Solutions is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Connect with Us! The trend towards mobile-friendly website design has been building for years, but it’s about to get serious! Google is taking the first steps towards...
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Mobile Traffic Has Crossed the 50% Mark of All Ecommerce Traffic

Mobile Traffic Has Crossed the 50% Mark of All Ecommerce Traffic

As of last week, Mobile shopping surpassed Desktop shopping for the first time in history! A recent study indicated 50.3% of all shopping online* was done through Mobile devices (phones / tablets). As well, in 2014 – Mobile Traffic is on...
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TCS is a proud distributor of Sharp Electronics

Sharp Named to EPEATâ„¢ Green Electronics Registry

The Imaging Division at TCS knows that with the right technology, implementing a greener print strategy can make a large impact, leaving your office running smoother and more profitably than ever. Making the decision to switch to an MFP...
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SILENT PROFIT KILLER – How Hidden “Soft Costs” Sink Your Bottom Line

Read through our FREE white paper to learn how companies like yours increase profits by attacking various “soft costs” in their business environment. Total Corporate Solutions is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Connect...
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Flat design modern vector illustration poster concept of web programming development and responsive website process design optimization on computer and mobile devices. Isolated on stylish background

Content is King

All hail, King Content! The content on your website essentially does reign as the leading factor for successful SEO. Social media, keywords, and more, are its subjects, serving “the king” in its purpose: to create a better website, generate...
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Cool, Calm and Productive

Is stress preventing you from a productive day at work? We all have those days where we spill our coffee on our outfit, fight with our significant other, rush to meet a deadline, hear a tragic story on the news, or just can’t seem to complete...
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Elegant woman in yellow dress with tablet sitting on modern sofa against of window.

Four Beneficial Factors in Space Planning

Have you ever wondered how some businesses can pull off an inviting and spacious feel, while others seem cramped and awkward? The design and placement of furniture is a very important factor to creating the atmosphere you want a room to achieve....
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TCS at the Grammys!

The marketing division at Total Corporate Solutions is at it again: offering superior visibility and generating serious buzz for one of our trusted partners. To help generate awareness for the ODOYO Powershell, Total Corporate Solutions arranged...
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The Value of a Coffee Break

Work Breaks and Productivity Break room culture is extremely valuable to your business. Your employees need a rest now and then and their eyes need a screen break. Taking quick and more frequent breaks will ensure higher productivity while...
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Your 2014 Marketing Plan

Another year has come and gone and at the risk of sounding ignorant, we all “can’t believe it!” Planning ahead in any facet of life is going to make the future more calculated and hopefully, more prosperous, especially when it comes to...
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Welcome to the Total Corporate Solutions Blog!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients for your continued business and our potential clients for your consideration! We love working with businesses to build their brands in-house and online and we appreciate the...
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