An Office Beverage Service That Promotes a Healthy Staff

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An Office Beverage Service That Promotes a Healthy Staff

An Office Beverage Service That Promotes a Healthy Staff 974 547 tcs

In the current Covid-19 health crisis, it’s more than important than ever to do all we can to stay healthy. As we strive to practice social distancing, proper hand washing and follow other CDC recommendations, we also need to stay properly hydrated. An excellent way to keep yourself and your employees healthy is by using our office beverage service to provide a water filtration system.

The water coolers and systems we provide don’t just offer a meeting place for employees, they eliminate contaminants while adding good minerals and nutrients to enhance the water. This provides cleaner, better tasting water that motivates your staff to stay healthy and hydrated.

Below are some of the benefits of using a water filtration system.

Eliminates Unwanted Materials

A good water filtration system removes parasites and bacteria that cause illnesses, which is essential during a health crisis. It also eliminates hard minerals, chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals including iron and lead. Removing these elements promotes better health and prevents rust and corrosion to pipes, appliances and fixtures.

Improved Taste

Tap and unfiltered water can have an unpleasant taste and smell due to its chemical and hard mineral content. When those elements are removed by your water filtration system, the taste and smell of drinking water improves. Cleaner, purer tasting water tastes will motivate you and your staff to drink more and stay hydrated.

Better Health

Drinking tap or bottled water that is contaminated or laden with metals and chemicals is dangerous to your health. Water filtration systems makes water safer by removing these materials while reducing its pH balance. They also eliminate microscopic organisms and parasites that can cause digestive problems. In addition to providing cleaner water, we offer systems that infuse beneficial minerals and nutrients.


Americans spend billions of dollars on bottles water each year. A water filtration system is much more cost-efficient than bottled water and will save your company money. Cleaner water is also gentler for your dishes and appliances, which helps them last longer.

Better for The Environment

Bottled water causes environmental damage. Plastic water bottles end up wasting in landfills and taking hundreds of years to decompose while leaking toxins into the environment. Their production causes byproducts that ultimately cause pollution. In addition, water bottles often end up in bodies of water, like oceans and rivers, and killing wildlife. Using a water filtration system reduces your business’ carbon footprint and minimizes environmental damage.

Total Corporate Solutions’ offers a wide range of water filtration systems that help you provide a safer, healthier workplace. From reverse osmosis and ultra-fine filtration to standard carbon filters, we have a solution for your company’s needs. Visit this link to learn more about our office beverage service and state-of-the-art water filtration systems.