Best Security Systems For Your Computer

Best Security Systems For Your Computer

Best Security Systems For Your Computer tcs

Best Security Systems For Computers

Regardless of whether you have a PC or Mac, attention to the security of your device is still a major concern. With the prevalence of hacking, phishing, and even spoofing in the online community, it is very important to ensure that the device is well protected. Although hacking and viruses for Mac are nearly non-existent, that does not mean that malware cannot get on the computer. This is why it is important to find top systems for 2015 and break down pros, cons, price, availability, and other factors that can influence the choice for the best security system for your computer.

Norton Security With Back-Up

This security suite is top rated for the year with a number of features that make it user friendly and highly scalable. The suite does operate on both Windows and Mac platforms, with an 8.55 rating for PC and a perfect 10 for the Mac components. Overall this suite is highly comprehensive and integrates well with existing operating systems.

Some of the highlights for this security suite include:

  • Excellent malware protection
  • Good ratings on performance loss and very good ratings on overall usability
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Detects malware on removable media
  • Rescue mode
  • Password manager
  • File vault
  • 25 GB of online backup

Although these are very positive points and the high ratings on the suite indicate good performance, there are some downsides to this suite.

  • No registry cleaner
  • No file shredder
  • No anti-theft component

However, as the top security suite it is also very affordable at around $60, with a strong availability on the market.

Bit-Defender Total Security Multi Device

The Bit-Defender suite is ranked as the second most impressive security system for computers in 2015, although the applicability may be somewhat more specific than Norton. Bit-Defender is available for PC and Mac, although it scored an impressive 9.95 for Windows OS, but only around 8 for the Mac component.

However, it should be noted that Bit-Defender appears to have more positives than negatives, and this extends to the inclusions in the suite. Bit-Defender scored excellent on all aspects, and provides all the same protection as Norton, as well as the registry cleaner, file shredder, and anti-theft components that are missing from Norton. This makes Bit-Defender a comprehensive security system that can be used for the home or office.

There may be only two downsides to this suite, although this is not necessarily a large impact for all users. The suite cost is close to $70, and there is only 2 GB of online backup with the system. However, the suite is easy to access for purchase and does offer a great number of highly rated components for protection of either PC or Mac.

Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device

Kaspersky is another long trusted brand that has a great reputation for performance, but also for customer support in troubleshooting software issues. However, Kaspersky scored above a 9 for Windows OS, and a perfect 10 for Mac, which puts it at a very similar level to Norton. However, the extremely high ratings for both platforms do also indicate that a higher functionality and user friendliness is also apparent for this multi-suite.

As definite pros, Kaspersky also scored in the excellent range for malware detection, performance loss, and general usability. Features that are included in the suite include:

  • Anti-phishing
  • Detection of viruses on removable devices
  • Suppression of warnings in full screen mode
  • Parental controls
  • Password Manager
  • Rescue mode

Although Kaspersky is also touted as having some of the most up to date data bases for virus and malware protection, there are a considerable number of features that are not available, including online back-up and file vaults. This can still make the software highly applicable as it is very thorough in protection, especially as some individuals may not require as stringent safety controls based on their needs.

Another downside to Kaspersky is that it is on the expensive side, running close to $80, although Kaspersky will provide multi computer deals for online downloads and will also offer auto-renewal options to ensure that the computer is consistently protected.

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F-Secure Safe

This multi suite ranks fourth overall in terms of quality computer security for 2015, but may be considered more moderate in regards to its coverage. For the Windows OS, F-Secure Safe only ranked at 7.9, although it showed a perfect 10 for Mac use. While this may be seen as a somewhat mixed rating, it is also reflective of the features that are included and what needs people have in securing their computers.

Although the rating for PC is somewhat low, the F-Secure Safe did rank in excellence for the basics of malware detecting, usability, and performance loss. This still provides a solid basis for the internet security suite, especially in regards to Mac. Feature wise, the F-Secure Safe completely mirrors the Kaspersky suite, which also means that it is lacking any form of online back-up. However, parental controls, device malware detection, and other features to provide security are still strong positives for this suite.

Another very strong positive is that while F-Secure Safe appears the same as Kaspersky feature wise, it costs considerably less at only $40. This can make it a good alternative for individuals who need moderate security, but without the excess cost.

It should be noted that one of the outstanding features of the F-Secure Safe is actually their customer service and support. A comprehensive team of techs is present in the call center at all hours and this lets individuals gain both support and education in securing the computer. Further, computer to computer trouble shooting is also an option through the support team, and this further helps users gain safety.

In deciding which suite is best for your needs, it is also important to decide which features are most applicable. Spending a lot on a suite that is too expansive for needs can be a waste, while under protecting the computer can also lead to trouble. However, by fitting needs to the features, the right suite can be the perfect solution.