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header "No other company can match our professionalism, dedication, commitment, quick response times, top-notch capabilities, and performance." - Jaime Ramirez, VP of Surveillance

Total Corporate Solutions' Security & Surveillance Division is a full-service alarm company specializing in the Health, Government and Commercial industries. We offer affordable customized security systems that do not sacrifice sophistication and quality. Our professional and qualified service technicians have industry leading experience.

Our Approach


TCS has had the privilege to serve many prestigious organizations and individuals. Their sincere recommendations and referrals have helped make TCS the success it is today. With a ninety-five percent referral rate, new clients can feel confident that any assignment, large or small, will be handled with expertise and professionalism.


Distinguished by a level of personal service and decorum not often seen from other security company, TCS provides its select clientele with superior, customized security installation to meet virtually any company security need.


If you own or manage a business of any type or size, life safety and asset protection service are an essential part of a successful business plan. TCS is one of the top providers of commercial electronic security, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance and alarm monitoring service to both Fortune 500 and companies and neighborhood business alike.

Surveillance Services

Video Surveillance

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_video-surveillance From large corporate office buildings requiring hundreds of cameras to small, retail locations Total Corporate Solutions can design and tailor a custom system to feed the needs of your growing business. We specialize in both analog and digital surveillance solutions that can scale for future expansion.

Intrusion Alarm System

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_intrusion-alarm When no one is left to man the facilty, creating an atmosphere to detract from intrusion is a must in maintaining a safe and protected business. Our alarm systems not only have highly sophisticated sensors for any signs of a breaking of entrance, but also eliminates false alarms.

Fire Alarm Systems

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_fire-alarm Reduce the risk of fire hazards coming against the welfare of your business by installing state-of-the-art fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

Access Control

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_access-control Access control of your facility, office or campus has become a critical part of an organization's life safety/security plan. With increases in workplace and campus violence, a secure building will decrease the impact of such occurrences. Benefits to your business:
  • Keep employees from entering sensitive areas (Server rooms, warehouses, high risk manufacturing areas).
  • Prevent access of disgruntled or violent persons from high occupancy areas
  • Deny entry of unauthorized vehicles to protected parking lots
  • Set schedules of locking and unlocking doors automatically
  • Have a log of all entries of controlled doors (denied or allowed entries)

Intercom Systems

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_intercom Save time and cost with the most modern, efficient intercom systems available on the market.

Web Based Visitor Management

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_visitor-management Improving upon the old pen-and-paper management systems, web based systems can check against national and local databases.

Badging Software

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_badging-software Web badges are used to offer additional security, transfering the ID data from the card to an internal computer.

ID Card Printer

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_id-card TCS offers custom ID card printers for your badge software security needs.

Emergency Call Systems

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_emergency-call-box Hardwired and wireless emergency call systems are available to offer the speediest possible relief in an emergency setting.

Safes/Cash Handling

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_safes Custom safe solutions can be made to fit specific needs or profiles, cash drops, fit your tills, armored car pickups. Multiple locks can be used, multi user, user levels, biometric, can be networked and controlled remotely, download audit logs to confirm who opened the safe and when, keys can be used for cost effectiveness. Locks can even be programmed to have a panic function, if location is being robbed, a unique code can be used to trigger burglar alarm. SMART SAFES, smart safes have a built-in computer, have bulk cash and coin capabilities, bulk bill acceptors with bill validation. These safes will produce receipts for deposits, provide reports, and communicate to your armored car pickup company to alert that safe is reaching capacity on bills. Account can be setup with banks to accept deposits through the safe and have money deposited into your companies' account once the money is in the safe.

UL Monitoring Services

SURVEILLANCE_service-img_ul-monitoring System monitoring is a critical requirement for collecting and storing state data. Before an application goes down with no warning, be prepared.

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