Your 2014 Marketing Plan

Your 2014 Marketing Plan

Your 2014 Marketing Plan tcs

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Another year has come and gone and at the risk of sounding ignorant, we all “can’t believe it!” Planning ahead in any facet of life is going to make the future more calculated and hopefully, more prosperous, especially when it comes to your business. Here are some tips to mapping the year ahead as the biggest growth year for your business yet.

Measure Your Metrics

Utilize your team to work together and compile data from 2013. Get a system of reporting in place (and make it a habit) to determine what’s working. Ask your team some questions for a different perspective:

  • Where is your highest volume of clients coming from?
  • What are your website analytics showing you about what your visitors are telling you?
  • What marketing tactics did you use this year?

If your tactics weren’t enough, determine the gaps by considering what they didn’t bring to the table.

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Determine Your Targets

Has your target customer changed over the past year? Determine where your business’ greatest strengths are and how that compares to where they were one year ago. Cater your target market to your strengths TODAY for a fool-proof growth forecast in the next 365.<?p>

Make Room for Online Exploration

There is a new marketing frontier online. Millions of potential customers at your fingertips, ready to engage with your brand and invest their time and money with you, as long as you know where they’re looking for your services and how to get them to pick up the phone and dial your number. You may find that pulling funds from outdated forms of marketing such as print ads and mailers, and allocating a chunk of your annual promotional budget to marketing services online may give you ROI that is exponentially higher and that continues to strengthen your brand over time.

Get Found Online

There are a ton of marketing platforms available to you in 2014 that will assist you in getting found online. Search engines are our potential clients’ biggest allies and if your website ranks well in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results with strategic SEO, you’re guaranteed to be discovered by new clients. Taking a moment to learn about search engines and online marketing platforms is a great place to start (and very satisfying, we might add).

Re-Visit Your Website

Literally and figuratively. Have another close look. Giving the search engines something good to point to is just as important as showing up there. Ensure your website, both on the computer and on mobile devices, is on point with your services, easy to navigate and calling your potential clients to action. Think of your website as the friendly face of your business encouraging visitors that their woes are over and the answer to their problems is here!

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Feeling inspired? Write down your business goals now! Visualizing on paper where you’d like to be in 2015 will help you determine the scale of efforts needed and where your focus should lie. Get the wheels turning. If you think now about attributing your results and your loss, allocating funds, and optimizing your business online, then we say cheers to a flourishing year ahead for your business!

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