Four Beneficial Factors in Space Planning

Four Beneficial Factors in Space Planning

Four Beneficial Factors in Space Planning tcs

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Have you ever wondered how some businesses can pull off an inviting and spacious feel, while others seem cramped and awkward? The design and placement of furniture is a very important factor to creating the atmosphere you want a room to achieve. So if your office or home is in need of a make over, space planning is the foundation of interior design and will make a significant impact on your vision.

Office Functionality

Your office should be an environment where employees can work with the ease of accessing equipment necessary for doing their job. This includes utilitarian objects like close electrical outlets and internet ports. Determining the placement of furniture that your office needs, such as desks and tables, telephones, computers, filing and storage will drastically impact the room’s functionality and fluidity.

Productivity by Space Planning

One may not realize it, but effective space planning will improve the productivity of employees. Providing quiet spots for individuals to work away from louder areas, utilization of dividers, and designated break areas will impact your employees’ efficiency.

Furniture and Ergonomics

Ergonomics as it applies to interior design is the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements (such as furnishings). This science has defined specific guidelines with determined measurements that, when followed, will guarantee to create an appropriate flow and ease of movement around furniture and equipment.

[quote align=”center”]“We strive to offer outstanding interior design with quality furniture at competitive prices. We pay special attention to the little details essential to the everyday office.”
– Kevin Jones, VP of Furniture, Total Corporate Solutions[/quote]

Furniture will play a large part in the work routines of an employee. Chairs that are adjustable, desks that have sufficient space, and adequate storage is crucial to client and personnel needs, as well as being functional, comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Business Transparency

A properly designed and transparent work environment will maximize the ability of communication between coworkers and demonstrate that the company’s funds are well spent. It will also give walk-in clients an impression of the company’s character, the value of their employees, and the products/services they provide. Lastly, a well-designed, open layout establishes the authenticity of the company and their work ethic, striving toward genuine, desired goals.

To efficiently manage your office space, whether large or small, our professionals have the expertise to turn your vision into a design that will optimize your office’s overall inviting atmosphere, as well as increase it’s functionality, productivity, furniture and ergonomics, and transparency.

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