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Personalize Your Work Space with Office Cubicle Décor tcs

Personalize Your Work Space with Office Cubicle Décor

The modern workspace is very much defined by the cubicle, and becomes the place where people spend nearly a third of every week of their adult life. In this context, the surroundings of the area become relatively important, as this environment becomes the backdrop for productivity. Just as décor in the home can change moods…

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Increasing Employee Productivity in the Office tcs

Increasing Employee Productivity in the Office

For any company, increasing productivity can become an ideal way to increase profits. In the office, the reduction of waste, in both material resources and time can lead to better practices for the corporation. This practice can also increase employee productivity through offering a workspace that is conducive to creative thinking, energy, and focused attention…

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Why Evaluate Supplier Performance? tcs

Why Evaluate Supplier Performance?

Although clients can play a large part in the success of a business, professional relationships and B2B relationships can also influence growth and prosperity. However, some owners or companies can have a different approach to these business interactions that are founded on common interests of returning a profit. Sometimes, this is due to a sense…

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Cool, Calm and Productive tcs

Cool, Calm and Productive

Is stress preventing you from a productive day at work? We all have those days where we spill our coffee on our outfit, fight with our significant other, rush to meet a deadline, hear a tragic story on the news, or just can’t seem to complete a never-ending list of tasks. These scenarios can cause…

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The Value of a Coffee Break tcs

The Value of a Coffee Break

Work Breaks and Productivity Break room culture is extremely valuable to your business. Your employees need a rest now and then and their eyes need a screen break. Taking quick and more frequent breaks will ensure higher productivity while sitting at your desk. One example of a great break room is Google, offering billiards, a…

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