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Client: AltaMed Health Care Services

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About the Company

Southern California premier network of community clinics, senior care programs and health and human services for the entire family, AltaMed has delivered quality care to underserved communities for more than 40 years. Serving Serving more than 150,000 families every year, AltaMed is the largest independent Federally-Qualified Community Health Center in the U.S. delivering more than 930,000 annual patient visits through its 30+ sites in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.


With such a vast network of locations across LA and Orange County, AltaMed looked to TCS to unify several business services and streamline their processes to serve each office more efficiently, which drastically reduced their total overhead. With each location utilizing a specialized combination of different TCS divisions (tailored to meet their specific needs), the company as a whole leverages our expertise in:

  • Furniture
  • IT Management
  • Surveillance
  • Imaging
  • Marketing
  • Telecom
  • Beverage
  • Security