Motel 6 – Stanton, CA

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Client: Motel 6 Stanton, CA

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About the Company

Founded in 1962 in Santa Barbara, California, Motel 6 is synonymous with a great travel value. The first Motel 6 in Santa Barbara still leaves the light on today, but a lot has changed for the motel chain that pioneered the first real economy motel designed for the no-frills traveler. The promise of the lowest price of any national chain and a clean, comfortable room are Motel 6 virtues. Motel 6 is a household name, synonymous with quality and value. It enjoys the highest brand recognition factor of any economy-lodging brand


Through our revolutionary workflow assessment (learn more about that), TCS Imaging uncovered areas of inefficiency in the printing/copying environment within this busy hotel. By allocating administrative duties to a Sharp MFP (the MX-B402SC to be exact), this location now enjoys a dynamic, networked business hub that increases productivity while reducing costs. Tony Lucero, General Manager for this location, was thrilled to implement this new technology, stating: “I’d like to thank Total Corporate Solutions for providing results beyond core print services. It is very nice to work with a company that collaborates so effectively with us on system solutions that make sense for our business. Their staff is both professional and courteous, with a strong technical expertise. We are very satisfied with our SHARP B402SC and trust that in their care it will function at a level that exceeds our expectations.”