Qualities of the Best Office Water Suppliers

Qualities of the Best Office Water Suppliers

Qualities of the Best Office Water Suppliers tcs

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In many ways, the office environment can be seen as its own ecosystem. Employees can spend well over a third of their day in this space, and including many of the comforts of home in the work area can greatly increase employee morale and productivity, while encouraging a culture that is also healthy and adjusted within the work space. This also means that basic needs like rest and proper hydration become a consideration for the optimal office.

The Water Cooler

While there are important health and safety standards that need to be considered when looking into office water suppliers, businesses should also consider the culture that this brings to the workspace. On a subconscious level, humans are drawn to clean water sources, as this is a basis for sustaining life. As a result, the social congregation that occurs also produces a necessary emotional outlet that can lead to invigorated motivation in the office.

Fresh water can be integral to maintaining this morale. From a sensory standpoint, the clarity of flavor from the water source can influence mood. From a health standpoint, it can be even more important that businesses are able to rely on fresh, on-time water delivery and dispensation, as employees with lowered immune systems or chemical allergies could have reactions to some of the additives that are in source water. This can include:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Microorganisms
  • Lead
  • Pesticides
  • Petroleum by-products
  • Toxins from plastic containers

It can be important for businesses to understand that both the source and the delivery system for office water can greatly impact the benefits it may offer to employees.

Traditional Water Delivery

Many offices have relied on the traditional process of bottle delivery to refill the cooler stations throughout the workplace. However, this also becomes dependent upon the reliability and supply of the distributor. Lack of in-stock product or delivery complications could result in a water shortage for the office, and this could lead to further and unnecessary expenditures. This means that reliability will be one of the main factors that companies should consider for a water supplier.

To this end, a more efficient office water delivery system can include tech behind it that removes the need for bottle delivery and thus ensures fresh and on-time delivery in any event. Waterlogic coolers and components can effectively achieve this, while also offering a cleaner water source that is less susceptible to contaminants and other factors that can influence the liquid. This includes the concern over poly-vinyl carbons that may be released into water that is in storage for too long.

Innovation for Efficiency and Health

With bottle-free water delivery, companies can also trust that the water will be fresh and pure whenever it is dispensed. This is partially due to the combined multistage water filtration system that is incorporated into the dispenser. Carbon based and reverse osmosis filtration are used to remove chemicals, particulates, and organisms from the water, for one of the most effective purification systems available.

While carbon has been extensively utilized for its ability to chelate impurities from an aqueous source, reverse osmosis is able to further remove smaller imperfections in the water. This process forces the filtered water back through a semi-permeable membrane which then traps the impurities and allows them to be flushed away. The use of these type of water delivery systems can then effectively convert regular tap water into a constant fresh source of refreshment.

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Many bottle delivery companies may employ this initial multistage water filtration before putting their water into containers, but the containers themselves can cause further concerns for safety and purity. Plastic bottles can release toxic gases into the water, but the fact that the containers are sealed can also cause stagnation and lead to a stale taste. In a bottle free delivery system, the water stays highly oxygenated because it is still in motion as it passes through the advanced UV purification to remove the presence of any microbes that may infiltrated the water before dispensing.

This step fully cleanses the water without altering the taste, as it is a burst of light that will kill bacteria, but will not affect the water in any other way. BioCote surface anti-microbial protection further repels any organisms that may come in contact with either the water or the delivery system, and this promotes optimal health for employees and better flavor and quality of the water.

Letting Go of the Bottle

The transition to a bottle free delivery system can seem like a drastic change, but the truth is that this type of system relieves many of the challenges that can arise with other water suppliers.

  • Clean water is always at the ready
  • Multi-layer filtration ensures purity
  • Extra microbial protection to reduce the spread of illness and other bacterial infections
  • Reduced upkeep with minimal equipment maintenance versus delivery scheduling
  • Can keep up with fluctuating demands in water usage

Many employees also feel that the bottle free water supply system gives the office a more comfortable and familiar feel. Operating the delivery system is as simple as dispensing a glass of water from the refrigerator, and cool, warm, and hot options are also available for instant beverages. This aesthetic can be conducive to an office culture that supports breaks and recuperation as a manner to increase productivity, and can also impact the mood of the work space.

Bottle free water suppliers like Total Corporate Solutions can also ensure that fresh water is always on time by integrating delivery systems with the existing water lines. This leads to a simple and unobtrusive way of setting up the water supply, in a manner that is also easy to operate and to maintain. Technicians will routinely inspect and maintain the system, but the need for bottle water storage is eliminated. This can further improve the conditions of the office, as there is less wasted space for bottle storage, and more room for expansion and for employee movement.