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A History of the Sharp Corporation tcs

A History of the Sharp Corporation

The Sharp Corporation is widely regarded as a leader in innovative technology for business and personal applications. Although this company has an ever expanding line of integrative copiers, printers, and faxes, it also utilizes networking and programming tactics to increase the applicability of the products. This adaptability for growth is just one of the traits…

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Qualities of the Best Office Water Suppliers tcs

Qualities of the Best Office Water Suppliers

In many ways, the office environment can be seen as its own ecosystem. Employees can spend well over a third of their day in this space, and including many of the comforts of home in the work area can greatly increase employee morale and productivity, while encouraging a culture that is also healthy and adjusted…

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Why Evaluate Supplier Performance? tcs

Why Evaluate Supplier Performance?

Although clients can play a large part in the success of a business, professional relationships and B2B relationships can also influence growth and prosperity. However, some owners or companies can have a different approach to these business interactions that are founded on common interests of returning a profit. Sometimes, this is due to a sense…

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The Value of a Coffee Break tcs

The Value of a Coffee Break

Work Breaks and Productivity Break room culture is extremely valuable to your business. Your employees need a rest now and then and their eyes need a screen break. Taking quick and more frequent breaks will ensure higher productivity while sitting at your desk. One example of a great break room is Google, offering billiards, a…

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